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Photovoltaic systems

In cooperation with Solartec and project departments carry out the implementation of photovoltaic systems and power plants (FVS, FVE). Wiring is used to transfer electrical energy (power distribution), or to transfer data and weak signals. As a company, we pride ourselves construction of larger plants above 1MW, but also smaller plants to 30kW, which are mainly installed on the roofs of houses and industrial buildings. These install photovoltaic systems throughout the Czech Republic, as the larger systems - Great Mezirící, Mošnov, Shale, as well as smaller systems for homes Decin, Eagle Mountain, Zašová. Our company also boasts of large construction projects in the countries of the European Union such as Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine.

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Heat pumps

With the advent of new materials, insulation technology, efficient management system with heat and especially the advent of low-energy buildings today require buildings to run much less heat than in the past. Current heat pump technology remains the same since their discovery almost the same (principle is known for over a hundred years old), but it is possible to design a much smaller and cheaper devices that can seamlessly normal house stock up. In addition, the rising prices of alternative sources of energy role of these devices due to significant return on investment is growing. Today, the heat pump equipped with almost every tenth new building.

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Continuous optimization of heat supply already at the entrance to your house is the perfect solution to save on heat supply, while investment in an appropriate control system is only a fraction of the cost of insulation, but its effect is incomparable. It should be noted that the excess heat that enters the building fail **ubrzdit** or thermostatic valves, because the heat radiates such as individual risers. The only **control** is then an open window. Return on investment in the foot control is unmatched, usually 2-3 heating season.

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MC (measurement and control)

Measurement and control of technological processes are carried out by our company at a high level. When BMS applications use high quality and proven hardware and software systems. We provide services throughout the Czech Republic. Among the major sectors of our company include management technology buildings, ventilation equipment, heat sources, boilers, heat exchangers, cold sources, ventilation and air-conditioning. Our business partners are end users, builders, contractors file building heating and air conditioning. We offer both full and partial deliveries, projects, supplies and peripherals, supplies panels, installations, including electrical power controlled technologies, preparation of application software, commissioning and operator training.

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Complete construction operations

Since the beginning of our activity we perform for our customers reconstruction and new construction of industrial buildings and residential land in areas of the Zlín Region - Wallachian Mezirící, Rožnov, Vsetín, Moravian-Silesian Region - Ostrava, Moravian Region - Brno, with a primary focus on civil engineering, but also to structures associated with the construction of ecological or linear structures. The vast majority of orders are carried out through the supply of construction **turnkey**, or as a general subcontracting. Our goal is to offer modern comfortable living and present a comprehensive approach to environmentally friendly architecture, energy saving and healthy lifestyle.

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  Generally applicable recommendations on what type of heating is the most worthwhile there.

... warns against reckless investments in insulation of the house ...

  Warmth without modifying the heating system brings only small savings.

Ing. Milan Bechyne

specialist for power and heating
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