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deal with a system of electrical devices for guiding and controlling electricity or electrical signals in their place of production respectively . creation, conversion and editing or use and consumption. In cooperation with Solartec and project departments carry out the implementation of photovoltaic systems and power plants ( FVS , FVE ) . Wiring is used to transfer electrical energy ( power distribution ) , or to transfer data and weak signals. As a company , we pride ourselves construction of larger plants above 1MW , but also smaller plants to 30kW , which are mainly installed on the roofs of houses and industrial buildings. These install photovoltaic systems throughout the Czech Republic , as the larger systems - Great Mezirící , Mošnov , Shale, as well as smaller systems for homes Decin , Eagle Mountain , Zašová . Our company also boasts of large construction projects in the countries of the European Union such as Bulgaria , Romania , Slovakia , Ukraine. Implementation of photovoltaic systems and power plants ( FVS , FVE ) , in cooperation with Solartec sro Overall networking new buildings , dwellings ( houses) reconstructed buildings. Solar energy focus on renewable energy , we specialize mainly on solar energy. We are using solar energy for heating systems. We provide installation option fotovolatického device on your object, eg house , etc. průmysl.haly manufacturers and brand leading provider of technologies for solar energy is SOLARTEC

Offered services

- Individual design of optimal solutions
- Delivery of project documentation
- Delivery of materials
- Installation
- Inspection and maintenance of equipment

Of course there is the supply of all materials, and installation of all measuring and control equipment in your building.


Project documentation is prepared in a format according to the customer and according to the conditions laid down by CSN . Thanks to the collaboration with the designer and technologist professions heating, gas and air propose optimal solutions to the heating system. At the same time we take into account the investment objectives , technical requirements and quality of the proposed facility . Personal visit our technologists and individual approach to the technical award reflects the efforts to divert more than good design activities and the satisfaction of our partners and clients.

Delivery and installation

Technical facilities , fleet, warehouses and workshops provide a comprehensive service in the field of implementation of contracts, instrumentation and control, electrical and heating. The standard is customer service at the usual time limits . Upgraded services associated with continuous emergency services are part of work contracts - service contracts and are included in a variety of standard offerings for our customers.

Solar panels

The solar panel is formed by solar ( photovoltaic ) cells, which may be formed of semiconductor or organic elements changing the electromagnetic energy of light into electrical energy. The direct conversion of light into electrical energy is now focused in specialization. The photoelectric effect explains the formation of free electrical carriers irradiance . Overall thrive assistance silicon solar panel to convert electrical energy only about 17 % of the energy of the incident radiation . When using organic solar panels developed in Israel should be up to 25% efficiency . The theoretical maximum efficiency for one transition is 34 % (the Shockley - Queisser limit) .

Silicon solar panel

The solar cells are formed of semiconductor slices thinner than 1 mm. At the bottom side surface interconnecting electrode . The top electrode has a flat -shaped arrangement of long fingers extending into the area . Thus, the light on the surface shine . The surface of the solar cell is protected by a glass layer serving as an anti-reflection layer . Thus it is ensured that as much light penetrate into the semiconductor . The anti-reflection layer usually consists of steaming titanium oxide . This will give your article a dark blue appearance. As semiconductor material is used mainly silicon. Other semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide , cadmium sulfide , cadmium telluride , copper indium diselenide , gallium or sulphides are not yet tested . Front glass protects the surface of solar cells and from the environment .

Organic solar panel

The new technology of solar energy with the help of special equipment, through photosynthesis developed by Israeli scientists at Tel Aviv University. The new technology should be genetically engineered proteins that use photosynthesis to produce electricity. New articles should be cheaper than current silicon . 1 m² solar panel based on silicon currently works out to $ 200 , while the same surface of the solar panel of genetically engineered proteins (Protein Structure Initiative , PSI ) costs $ 1 . Greater efficacy has be to be increased from 12 to 14 % for silicon panels up to 25%. The new technology is made ​​possible by the knowledge of genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

photovoltaic film

Another type of solar cells are called "thin film solar cells" , or thin-film solar cells, photovoltaic sometimes dubbed film . PV foil can be applied to relatively large areas using a technology that is fundamentally identical to the ink jet printer . Photovoltaic film can be printed on a wide and long strip on flexible substrates. The semiconductor layer is wide only about one micrometer .