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Earthwork according to a customer such as: overburden, excavating the foundations of buildings, excavations, pits, swimming pools, HTU preparation, preparation of the communication, working in confined spaces, especially in confined spaces such as small gardens around houses, cottage, where we are able through their own concrete mixer attached to the excavator CAT 279C XPS hydraulic system due to mix up 2 m3 per hour, cleaning of streams, compaction areas, and more. Also, this activity is performed by our experienced and professionally trained obsluhou.Pro our customers we are in the Zlín Region - Wallachian Mezirici, Roznov, Vsetin, Moravian-Silesian Region - Ostrava, Moravian Region - Brno and demanding customers and abroad, where we worked on Slovak, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Figure 1: Illustration picture - earthwork dam

We also provide bulldozing, handling and loading of soil and materials. We ship via container transport six tons and 12 tons. With landscaping and excavation in widths of 30, 40, 60, 80 and sloping terrain in width 120 cm. Excavation Demolition work hard reinforced concrete, asphalt and other materials to customer. For disposal of materials and equipment stored on pallets, pallet forks use.