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Complete construction activities

Since the beginning of our activity we perform for our customers reconstruction and new construction of industrial buildings and residential land in areas of the Zlín Region - Wallachian Mezirící, Rožnov, Vsetín, Moravian-Silesian Region - Ostrava , Moravian region - Brno, with a primary focus on civil engineering, but also in construction related to the construction of ecological or linear structures. The vast majority of orders are carried out through the supply of construction **turnkey**, or as a general subcontracting. Our goal is to offer modern comfortable living and present a comprehensive approach to environmentally friendly architecture, energy saving and healthy lifestyle.

Figure 1: Illustration picture - the stream channelization


Our company also deals with the reconstruction of residential buildings , a comprehensive repair of important functional parts of the building carried out as part of a project that may have several stages of implementation logically and technically consecutive . Complex reconstruction , restoration , remediation , insulation and waterproofing of roofs and facade cladding insulation and other energy saving measures masonry and prefabricated apartment buildings , replacement of windows and doors, and internal installations , including project preparation , financing and subsidy consultancy. Revitalization Redevelopment of old buildings , modernization , insulation. Typical programs in urban revitalization concern such as abandoned factory and warehouse buildings , which after adjustment changes the construction of residential buildings or galleries and the like. The revitalization of watercourses and ponds Mud removal , efforts to reduce artificial interventions and restore the function of entire ecosystems .