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EKOreg and instrumentation - Reducing heating costs

Continuous optimization of heat supply already at the entrance to your house is the perfect solution to save on heat supply , while investment in an appropriate control system is only a fraction of the cost of insulation, but its effect is incomparable.

It should be noted that the excess heat that enters the building fail " ubrzdit " or thermostatic valves , because the heat radiates such as individual risers . The only " control " is then an open window.

Return on investment in the foot control is unmatched, usually 2-3 heating season .

Object- base regulation of heat consumption can be realized in practice in three ways:

- Weather-compensated classic control the flow temperature depending on the outside temperature , according to the preselected heating curve. The advantage of this solution is relatively low cost , while its disadvantage is smaller savings rate in the consumption of heat, as this system has no Feedback. It can not also be applied in some district heating systems .

- EKOREG - BX is a long- proven control system that our company supplies and installs for over 14 years. It proved to both residential homes and commercial buildings .

- EKOREG - BXC is a novelty among our control systems. It is equipped with all the necessary sensors to accurately monitor the actual current heat demand of the building , which achieves significant savings in the consumption of heat , especially in larger and completely revitalized home.

Systems EKOREG solve your worries with excessive consumption of heat.

The control system EKOREG - BX install since 1997 in residential buildings in Ostrava, Prague , Frýdku Místku , Manchester and other locations where does exist today. Average rate of heat savings ranging from 24% to 35 % , depending on whether the house is completely insulated or not. To date, we have saved our customers tens of millions of crowns, which would unnecessarily paid on excess heat supplied .

MAR ( measurement and control) - Maximum and nonstop service

Measurement and control of technological processes are carried out by our company at a high level. When BMS applications use high quality and proven hardware and software systems . We provide services throughout the Czech Republic.

Among the major sectors of our company include technology management buildings, ventilation equipment, heat sources , boilers, heat exchangers , cold sources , ventilation and air-conditioning. Our business partners are end users , builders , contractors file building heating and air conditioning. We offer both full and partial deliveries , projects , supplies and peripherals , supplies panels, installations , including electrical power controlled technologies , preparation of application software , commissioning and operator training .

Convenient operation and high energy savings can be achieved by digital DDC or PLC systems as well as highly complex applications. We design and implement systems of the components of top European companies - Schneider Electric, SAUTER , Siemens, but also from domestic producers - sensitization , ZPA , etc. , including the software by the customer.

Our company has years of experience in the field of measurement and control of technological processes. This activity is carried out by our permanent staff - skilled professionals from the very beginning of the company , which dates back to 1991.

Offered services

- Measurement of technological processes
- Optimal Solutions regulation of technological processes
- Delivery of project documentation
- Delivery of materials
- Installation
- Inspection and maintenance of equipment
Of course there is the supply of all materials, and installation of all measuring and control equipment in your building.


Project documentation is prepared in a format according to the customer and according to the conditions laid down by CSN . Thanks to the collaboration with the designer and technologist professions heating, gas and air propose optimal solutions to measurement and control system . At the same time we take into account the investment objectives , technical requirements and quality of the proposed facility . Personal visit our technologists and individual approach to the technical award reflects the efforts to divert more than good design activities and the satisfaction of our partners and clients.

Delivery and installation

Technical facilities , fleet, warehouses and workshops provide a comprehensive service in the field of implementation of contracts, instrumentation and control, electrical and heating. The standard is customer service at the usual time limits . Upgraded services associated with continuous emergency services are part of work contracts - service contracts and are included in a variety of standard offerings for our customers.

Our partners

Our main partners include Schneider Electric, Sauter a Siemens.